Reducing Financial Risks Through Insurance

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Reducing Financial Risks Through Insurance

17 01 FP Reducing Financial Risks Through Insurance - Reducing Financial Risks Through Insurance

For lively party conversation, death and disability are generally last on the list. Still, planning for potential disability and the death of a loved one can help overcome the financial challenges involved. It’s natural to want to talk about something else, yet topics related to investment risk-management are important and can have big impacts on financial plans and resources.

Planning ahead before confronting any obstacle can help with meeting it. The passing of a loved one, the need for long-term care, and disability can all take incredible tolls. Perhaps the simplest way to approach planning for them is through comprehensive disability, life, and long-term care insurance.

It’s natural to tiptoe around these topics, yet changes can happen in an instant. Rather than try and respond during the aftermath, a proactive approach can help create support for what will likely be a trying time. As part of your financial plan and risk management strategy, speak to a financial advisor about comprehensive insurance coverage.

Disability Insurance

People aged 25 to 65 are at a higher risk for disability than death, according to major studies. Lifestyles, genetics, random occurrences and much more can happen in an instant and leave people disabled temporarily, or for life. For many, disability coverage comes in the form of a company insurance policy. These policies can help with some in the case of disability, yet many lack the coverage available through privately-carried disability insurance. Income replacement and compensation for debilitating injuries are some of the advantages private insurance can offer.

According to Jack Riashi Jr. with Bloom Asset Management, disability insurance should be included as part of an insurance plan until retirement to ensure adequate resources should a disability occur. Riashi Jr, a certified financial planner, says “The number of people covered is really pretty low”. He also states more people lack coverage than carry it. For single-income homes, Riashi Jr. says preserving that income becomes exponentially important. Another important tool in preserving family income is life insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is, for the majority of people speaking to an insurance agent, a difficult topic to approach. The subject is grim, and it’s an often overlooked addition to an insurance plan. For many, there will likely be loved ones left behind. Continuing financial support through life insurance can help carry them through.

Life insurance is obtainable as a term, universal, or whole-life insurance policy. To find the right life insurance policy speak to an agent. Income, age, health, and much more will steer the direction of your insurance needs. Life insurance may, in some cases, be utilized for emergency savings or as part of a retirement plan. Speak to a financial advisor before making significant changes to a life insurance policy. The right policy will vary by the person; an advisor can help find the right match for you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Aging, injury and more can increase limits on physical capabilities. For an increasing number of Americans, long-term care is necessary some or all of the time. Medicare will likely cover a portion of expenses yet the remainder can be overwhelming. Long-term care insurance can help pay for assisted living, in-home care, and much more.

In-home care and nursing home coverage can cost tens of thousands per year, and upward. The costs can be high at any income level and for those on a fixed income, these costs can be especially challenging to meet. Speak to a financial advisor for more on the merits of a tailored long-term care insurance policy.

Approaching these topics early may increase access to insurance options and discounted rates. Speak to a financial advisor today for more on risk management through insurance for your financial plan. Come back often for more on this and other interesting topics.

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