Fortify a Financial Plan with Insurance

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Fortify a Financial Plan with Insurance

17 01 FP Fortify a Financial Plan with Insurance - Fortify a Financial Plan with Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the cornerstone of a stable financial plan. Insurance acts as both preventative and planning measures, offering financial stability in case of tragedy. Disability, illness, accidents, and death are all unfortunate possibilities. Insurance can help alleviate costs and offer solutions for overcoming these setbacks. Insurance can also be a great retirement savings tool, invested properly.

Insurance policies are going to differ depending on the carrier, policy, and much more. Policies are as unique as the people protected. Some types of insurance are necessary or mandated by law. Others can offer more for those seeking additional protection. The following is a list of the most common types of insurance included in a policy. Are you adequately insured?

Health Insurance. For some, health insurance may be included along with an employment contract. Others may select private health insurance to cover medical expenses, prescription medication, and other associated costs. Private health insurance tends to have the highest costs for coverage. Carrier, location, and personal characteristics will all affect rates for health insurance.

Disability Insurance. For many people, the chances of becoming disabled outweigh those for death. Disability can happen in an instant and have long-term effects on income and quality of life. Disability insurance offers financial stability in case of disability. Disability insurance is often available through an employer-offered benefits program and can be purchased through a private carrier. For adequate coverage, look for policies offering at least 2/3 income replacement.

Long-Term Care Insurance. A large number of Americans rely on Medicare for long-term care options. While Medicare can offer some relief for long-term care costs, eligibility requirements make it qualifying a challenge. With the future of government assistance in a steady state of flux, obtaining additional long-term care insurance may be beneficial. Rather than exhaust personal retirement savings on nursing home, or in-home care, speak to an agent about long-term care insurance.

Life Insurance. Life insurance can help survivors cope with expenses following death. Depending on the individual or family requirements, life insurance policies can be adjusted to match. A financial advisor can help in calculating adequate coverage based on income and expenses. The right policy can pay expenses, eliminate family debts, and set tuition money away for children or family members. Whole, term, and universal life insurance policies are available depending on preference.

Auto Insurance. A must for driving legally, auto insurance policies range across the board. From policies sufficient to get behind the wheel to comprehensive auto insurance protection, auto insurance will vary by carrier. Driver history, deductible, insurance agency and more will all affect rates and coverage. Following a mishap, bare-bones coverage will leave you twisting in the wind. Obtaining adequate auto insurance can help get you back on the road following an auto mishap. Auto rates can be affordable and many discounts are available.

Homeowners Insurance. Homeowners insurance protects homes and contents from disasters both natural and caused by others. As with auto policies, home policies will vary significantly. The right policy ought to replace contents, repair damages, and shield from liability costs fast following a claim. Location, home size, property characteristics, personal possessions and more will all have bearing on the right level of home insurance protection. For those renting a home to renters, home insurance will be an important part of protecting the investment.

Additional Liability Insurance. It can happen where personal liability exceeds the amount covered in a auto, home, or other insurance policy. Ours is a litigious society; protect assets and wealth with sufficient liability insurance protection. Liability insurance may be more affordable than you think.

For an in-depth assessment regarding personal insurance requirements, speak to a financial professional. Financial professionals can make projections to ensure adequate insurance protection long into the future. The right combination of insurance policies will vary by individual. Polices and protection change depending on carrier, personal details, and much more. For more information speak to your financial professional today.

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