Insurance is the Cornerstone of a Solid Financial Plan

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Financial Planning

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Insurance is the Cornerstone of a Solid Financial Plan

Insurance is the Cornerstone of a Solid Financial Plan - Insurance is the Cornerstone of a Solid Financial Plan

Having great insurance is the foundation of a solid personal money management strategy. Insurance serves as both preventative and protective measures, offering financial stability in case of disaster. Disability, illness, mishaps, and death are all regrettable possibilities. Insurance can assist in handling related expenses and offering a financial bridge as one encounters the unknown factors that tend to surface in day-to-day living. Insurance can also be a fantastic retirement savings tool when implemented correctly.

Insurance policies are going to differ depending on the carrier, policy, and much more. Some types of insurance are needed or mandated by law. The following is a list of the most common types of insurance individuals will encounter.

Life Insurance.

Life insurance can assist survivors with the day-to-day cost of living following death. Depending on the personal or household requirements, life insurance policies can be secured to fill a variety of needs such as mortgage payoff and funding future anticipated college expenses. A financial advisor can assist in determining adequate coverage based upon earnings and expenditures.

Long-Term Care Insurance.

A great deal of Americans depend on Medicare for long-term care options. While Medicare can offer some relief for long-lasting care costs, eligibility requirements and coverage limitations mean that Medicare alone is not a viable option. Obtaining extra long-term care insurance may be advantageous. Rather than exhausting individual retirement savings on nursing or at home care, speak with an agent about obtaining long-term care insurance instead.

Disability Insurance.

For many individuals, the chances of becoming handicapped outweigh those for death. Disability can happen in quickly and have a long-term impact on earnings and lifestyle. Disability insurance offers monetary stability in case of disability. Disability insurance is frequently secured through an employer-offered benefits program and can be bought through a personal carrier. For the best protection, search for policies using at least 2/3 earnings replacement.

Automobile Insurance.

A must for driving lawfully, auto insurance policies range from basic coverage to better, full-featured policies. Driver history, deductible, insurance carrier and more will all impact rates and protection. Following a mishap, bare-bones coverage will leave you largely unprotected… so be careful with “cheap” insurance. Getting sufficient auto insurance with adequate coverage is best done by consulting an independent insurance agency who can give you multiple quotes from different carriers.

Home Insurance.

Homeowners insurance protects houses and contents from catastrophes both natural and triggered by others. Your location, house size, residential or commercial property attributes, individual belongings and more will all have bearing on the right level of house insurance protection you require.

Extra Liability Insurance.

It can happen where you are found to be individually liable for a monetary impact that extends well beyond what’s covered by your standard insurance. (We live in a litigious society.) An umbrella policy helps safeguard your finances with additional liability protection. Such protection is more affordable than what most folks realize.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive assessment regarding your individual insurance requirements, talk to one of our professional insurance experts.

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