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Business Owners Insurance


Business Owners Insurance

Protect Your Business While Saving Money

Business Owners Insurance

At A-1 Insurance Agency we are committed to protecting your business and saving you money. To do this one of the ways we help you is by applying Package discounts are afforded by from combing Commercial Property and General Liability in a single Commercial Package or Business Owners Package policy. Purchasing a Business Owners Package policy, for your business is cost beneficial and the coverage is broader.

Keep in mind, that the basic Commercial Property policy does not include flood insurance. Most of the time you will have to buy a separate flood policy. Also, property, which goes off premises, needs to be covered by a separate Inland Marine or Equipment Floater policy. And lastly, do not assume that property of others, which is in your care, custody and/or control, is automatically included in your basic Commercial Property Policy. We can help assess your risks and get you a quote if it makes sense.

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