General Liability Insurance


General Liability Insurance

We Offer the Perfect Combination of Selection, Price, and Coverage

General Liability Insurance

Most businesses and contractors in Indiana are unable to operate business without General Liability Insurance. We are proud to be able help business is need of this important coverage. With over 25 years of experience we are efficient at finding the perfect combination of selection, price and coverage.

Commercial General Liability is insurance that pays and renders service on behalf of the insured for loss arising out of his or her responsibility due to negligence, to others imposed by law or assumed by contract.

Here are the basics:

Aggregate Limit: Commercial General Liability limit that applies to all damages paid for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury and medical expenses, except damages included in the products-completed operations hazard. It is the maximum limit that a policy will pay out for a policy period or for a claim or claims.

Per Occurrence Limit: Limit the policy will pay out per occurrence of a claim.

Products-Completed Operations: Covers the products or workmanship of a product after the product enters the marketplace.

Personal and Advertising Injury: Limit the policy will pay for a claim arising from personal or advertising injury. Covers claims for damages which are other than physical such as defamation, libel, slander, false arrest, etc.

Damage to Rented Premises: Covers damage to such things as office space or rented premises.

Medical Payments: Covers 3rd party medical payments caused by the negligence of the insured.

Deductible: The amount of loss paid by the insured before the insurance policy benefits become payable.

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