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Motorcycles, Watercraft, ATV Insurance


Motorcycles, Watercraft, ATV Insurance

Indiana’s One Stop Shop For Insuring Motorcycles, Watercraft, or ATVs

Motorcycles, Watercraft, ATV Insurance

A-1 Insurance Agency is your one stop shop when insuring your Motorcycle, Watercraft, or ATV in Indiana. Obviously, the risks associated with riding a motorcycle on the open road are a little different than driving a car. We can provide you with motorcycle insurance that takes these risks into account. ATV’s need insurance policies that are different than passenger cars and trucks. Total Loss Replacement, Personal Contents, Emergency Expenses, Towing, and Campsite Liability coverages are generally not available with a basic auto policy.

A lot of people believe that their boat or personal watercraft is adequately insured through their homeowners policy. In many instances, your only protection is for small sailboats or canoes. With many different coverage endorsements available, choosing the right insurance policy for your watercraft can be boring, time consuming, and confusing. To help choose the right coverage, A-1 Insurance Agency will find the best policy that suits your needs while saving you money. Contact us today.

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